Flight Cases

Flight case designs come in many different specifications and styles, and with over many decades of experience in the design and manufacture of cases and associated products, we can assist you with any case requirements you may have.

Road Trunks

General purpose Road Trunks, including the popular Eurotruckers & Arenas. Don't forget to select the available options, as well as related accessories, which will enhance your road trunks. 

Lighting Effects Cases

UK-manufactured cases for lighting effects such as luminaire fixtures, moving head, LED battens and much more.  For custom designs contact our sales team.

Projector Cases

A range of cases to suit projectors, flying frames and lens' for most brands, types and sizes.

Production Racks

Popular and versatile drawered racks for all applications, available in many sizes and styles.

Lighting Console Cases

A selection of cases for many brands of lighting consoles.

Custom Transit

A range of general-purpose cases, available in various sizes and styles. Base castors and trolley wheels are fitted on certain models to ensure easy handling.

Speaker Trunks

A range of cases and trunks to house most models and manufacturers of speakers and speaker accessories.

Hoist Trunks

Cases and trunks for a variety of hoists and rigging equipment.

Smoke, Hazer & Stage Fan Cases

A range of cases to house popular models of Smoke and Hazer machines and stage fans.  For custom designed cases please contact our sales team.

Guitar Cases

A range of guitar flight cases for all makes and models, including Lead, Bass, Acoustic and specials.

Video Processing Cases

A range of cases specifically to house Video Processing equipment such as video switchers. For specialist designs contact our sales team. 

Catering Cases

This range includes a selection of custom built catering setups for a wide range of catering systems and appliances, ideal as an all-in-one solution for catering. Our 'Business-in a-Box' concept provides a one-stop shop for companies requiring a professional catering system, all housed in rugged road cases.  

General Purpose Carry Cases

A selection of general purpose 'GP' carry cases. This style is ideal for Tools, Medical Equipment, Electronics, and much more.

Wardrobe Trunks

Primarily used for garment transportation and storage, our Wardrobe Trunks are very useful flight cases in the Motorsport, Events, Exhibition, Catering and Hospitality sectors.

LED Panel & Accessories Cases

Cases and trunks for LED panels, processing equipment and accessories.

Musician Amp & Combo Cases

A range of professional flight cases for the musician, including Combo and Head Amplifier cases.

Computer & I.T. Cases

A range of cases specifically for computer and I.T. related products such as laptops, PCs, telecomms and printers.  For custom designed cases, please contact our sales team.

Screen & Display Cases

Flight cases for a range of plasma, LED and LCD screens to ensure maximum protection. Cases available for many makes and models of screens and in different configurations.

Microphone Cases

A range of Microphone Cases to house most models, types and layouts of microphones. For custom designs please contact our sales team.

Crate Racks

Versatile storage solutions using the popular Euro-style crates. For specialist designs contact our sales team.

Audio Console Cases

Audio Console Cases to suit most brands, types and specifications. For custom designs contact our sales team.

DJ Cases

Record cases, CD cases, Turntables cases and more!  Everything for the Pro DJ and enthusiast alike.

19" Rack Cases

Industry standard 19" rack mount cases in a wide variety of unit (u) sizes.

Monitor Cases

A selection of cases for many different types and sizes of monitors. For further designs contact our sales team.

Cable Drum Cases

Cases for many sizes of cable drums. For bespoke cases please contact our sales team.

Camera Cases

Flight cases for a range of camera makes & models, as well as camera controllers & accessories.

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