e-CASE...Now available from iTunes
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5 Star is used to innovating!

It has been at the forefront of case design and manufacturing for thirty years.  We continue this tradition of innovation by launching e-CASE.  This mobile app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is a useful addition to 5 Star’s web site quotation request facility.

The difference with e-CASE is that it can be used where access to a PC is not available.  As long as a 3G, Edge or WiFi signal is present, e-CASE can be used to configure case projects while on site.

e-CASE allows the user to browse, configure and select all of 5 Star’s Case Type range then send the request direct to the Design and Quotations team at 5 Star.  The app doesn’t suggest actual specifications but is intended as a design aid for your proposed case requirements.

e-CASE...available from iTunes
e-CASE...available from iTunes

For each Case Type, the app includesTechnical Drawings, full Descriptions, Information Documents and 3D generated images.

The Options sections is where the user selects the various settings for the proposed case, such as Dimensions, Equipment details, Colour, Castors and such like.

To download e-CASE for iPhone, iPod or iPad (for free!), click here to visit iTunes.

Once installed on the device, simply click the e-CASE icon and the app will start up.  It’s worth pointing out here, that all of the case data, images and documents are downloaded from 5 Star’s web server, so please wait while the contents load into the various screens.  This method of the app’s development means that updates to 5 Star’s Case Type ranges are fully automatic and do not require an update of the app itself.  However, the app will function at its best when the device is connected to 3G or WiFi.


After the welcome ‘splash screen’ disappears the app goes straight to the Case Genre page.  This is the first level showing the top tier of Case Types (not specifications), such as 19” Racks, Trunks and Cases etc.  A small image along with the brief title will help to select the required case type.  Click one of the Case Genres and the ‘Sub Genre’ section will display.


Sub Genre - CASE TYPES

You'll notice that a different set of Case Types are now displayed which are individual versions of the Genre.  To go back to the Case Genre level, simply click the button on the top navigation bar. 

Browse and select the required case type from the list. 

Again, a small image helps to identify the different types of cases together with a brief description. 

When you have found the required case type, simply select it and it will then display the Generic Case Data page. 


This is where further information relating to the selected case type is found, such as Description, Technical Drawing, 3D generated Image and various Options.  Browse the available sections by swiping the screen vertically, as some of them maybe off the bottom of the page.  The first section is for information and relates to an Image of the case type, a Technical Drawing, Description and General Accessories.


The second section is where Equipment Data is entered, such as Make, Model and Dimensions (for cases and trunks), or Rack unit height and body depth (for 19” Racks).  


The third section is where you enter the quantity of cases required for the enquiry.  The default value already given in the entry box is 1 but this of course can be overwritten and any quantity entered.  Additional Information is where you can enter any relevant text that the 5 Star Design and Quotation Team might need.  Such as ‘Special Laminate Colour’ and project timescales etc.


The forth section deals with Options for the selected case type.  Here you'll find Screen Printing, Castors, Label Dishes, Colour etc. Selecting the option will display further information relating to it.  For instance, selecting PAL Label Dish will open a new page giving information, option-choices and an image (where applicable)...

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